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Ralph Stout



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2015 - Canvas

Graphite and Acrylic Drawings


Acrylic on Paper

Vase, 2015

Harvest Moon, 2015

Fifth Quadrant, 2015

Untitled, 2014

High Grass, 2014

New Growth, 2014

Recurring Thoughts, 2014

Rush Hour, 2014

Untitled , 2014

Monochrome, 2011

Six Figures, 2015

Paintings 2013

Vase, 2013

Louse Point Vines, 2013

Color Study, 2013

Signage, 2013

Surf #2, 2013

Windfall #1, 2013

Windfall #2, 2013

Autumn, 2013

Tidal Pool #2, 2013

Paintings 2011- 2012

Charcoal on Paper

Earlier Paintings


 Ralph Stout graduated from Bucknell University in 1960 with a degree in mathematics and an intense interest in the visual arts. In 1962, after making an abortive, attempt to pursue a career as a fine artist, he joined ACT, a pioneering computer software firm. In 1982 he and other key personnel left ACT to form a new venture. When NTT bought that company, Stout joined Information Builders, a software vendor based in New York city. Finally, in 2006, he resumed his artistic career. Stout is a self-described figure-ground abstractionist. His paintings rely on a certain perceptual tension between the apparent foreground and the apparent background of a two-dimensional image.

Ralph Stout shows both painting and photography at Carrie Haddad Gallery.

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