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Marion Vinot

That which makes an artist an "artist" is the possibility for that person to welcome The inspiration that gives a sense, or purpose, to his/her works. Of painting, I would simply say that it is an inside view of the hidden self, Awakening intimate secrets in the painter as well as in the viewer.

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Large Paintings

The origin of their themes and arrangements does not lie in me, but rather seems to come from elsewhere. In their becoming I sense an intimate guiding force I let myself participate with. I find that by allowing this process of co-creation to take place, the development of the art work does not only become my expression, but demonstrates an interplay between essence, self and matter.

Back to Earth, 2003

Everything Connects to Everything, 2014

Game Interrupted, 2004

Stillness In Motion, 2011

The Seeker, the Seer, and the Beingness, 1996

What Do They Say, 2017

Family, 2002

Garden Fairy, 2008

Les Catalanes, 2006

Time Out, 2008

The Dream Maker, 2003

Shapeshifter, 2008

Smaller Paintings

Pastel on Paper

Oil on paper





Born in Paris, France, Marion Vinot now resides in Columbia County.  She comes to the Hudson Valley by way of Texas, where she was a student; Mexico, where she lived with her family; New York City, where she lived and painted for ten years; and finally, St. Barthelmey, French West Indies.  According to Vinot “art is a room with a view.”  Working in both oil and oil pastels, Vinot paints characters that seem to float in a universe without tension or anguish and where the light that illuminates their faces appears to express peacefulness. The people who inhabit her canvases seem to know how to enjoy the bliss of life.  Vinot states that although she wishes to be able to paint what she sees,  spontaneity and the accident are still the “keynotes” in her paintings, both of which call upon her imagination to create an image as pleasing to her as possible.  “Painting,” she states, “is a view of the hidden self, awakening intimate secrets in the painter as well as in the viewer.”  



When asked about her latest work, Vinot states that the “Juice of Life” is food for an artist and that she often forgets that it is not the sweetest flavors that best feed her inspiration.  Vinot says that with this in mind she can say that her new work is born of an emotional necessity that has provided her with a space to nest her soul in each one of the paintings and for this she is grateful. 



OCTOBER 1949             Born in Paris, France.

 DECEMBER 1967          Moved to Mexico City with her parents.

 DECEMBER 1968          Moved to Austin, Texas, on her own.

 Married painter and sculptor, David L. Price who encouraged her imagination and  creativity.  Began to paint. Autodidact.  Attended the University of Texas, where she  studied literature, art history and film.

 SUMMER 1976              Moved to New York City, Soho and painted and lived there  for 10 years.

 1980-1985                    Marion Vinot Creation: ceramic studio, hand painted tiles for  Country Floor

 WINTER 1985              Moved to St Barthelemy, French West Indies.

 APRIL 1990                   Gallery 20 - Peter O'Keefe. St Barth. First Exhibition.

 FEBRUARY 1991         Gallery 20 - Peter O'Keefe. St Barth. Second Exhibition 

 MARCH 1991               St Barth Voyage - collective exposition.

 1991-1995                    Corossol Years - permanent exhibition.

 APRIL 1992 & OCTOBER 1992      Riverside Drive, New York City with Michael  Beaudette

 JUNE 1993                     Flamingo East, New York City - Robin and Scott Keller

 SEPTEMBER 1993       Rue D'Argenteuil, Paris - (Charles Clerice de Meynard).

 OCTOBER 1993           Bedford, New York - Private Show (Robin and Scott Keller).

 1995 to present             Represented by Carrie Haddad Gallery

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