Donise English (Sculpture)

Lately I’ve been looking at quilts. The quirky patterns have found their way into my sculpture, gouache and encaustic pieces.

Whether using hand-stitching, tiny collage fragments, gouache or wax, the obscure processes of all of the works share an intricacy that allows me to explore my ongoing interest in the sense of touch and the way that it embeds itself in, and indelibly records, human involvement in an object’s making.

The small sculptures are constructed of hand-painted, encaustic soaked paper that I stitch together to form multiple similarly shaped components. This method of stitching and applying hot wax results in the quirky, imperfect shape of each unit that are then pieced together as one would a quilt using peculiar scraps of fabric.

Photo of Donise English (Sculpture)

Play Towers

Wax Multiples

Quilt Constructions

Rope & Wire