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Anne Francey (Painter)

  Anne Francey was born in 1956 in Grandson, Switzerland.  She attended the Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Lausanne (ECBA) from 1976 to 1981, where she received a diploma of Fine Arts in painting.  In 1981, she moved to New York where she attended the School of Visual Arts and the graduate program of Fine Arts at Hunter College.  She graduated in 1987 with a Master of Fine Arts (MFA).

After art school, Francey found herself living in Manhattan where her creativity reflected a very structured, urban setting.  A longstanding fascination with geometry, Francey took to painting architectural cityscapes that dominated the backdrop of her early American experience.  However, having spent her childhood in Switzerland where it is virtually impossible to escape both the vastness and nuances of nature, she couldn’t help but indulge her curiosity in the unpredictability of nature, even within a metropolitan context.  For example, smoke curling out of a window, a flower pushing up through the sidewalk, etc offered a variable whose intention cannot be planned. 

Around this time nearly 25 years ago, Anne Francey began traveling frequently to Tunisia.  It is here that she discovered the ceramic tiles used in Islamic decoration of houses and interiors.  This aesthetic began to influence her style more and more, until her paintings took on a very textured and ceramic feel.  She went on in 2009 to spend a year at the National Center of Ceramics in Tunisia as an artist in residence where her she continued to improve her skill and further develop a taste for color.  She experimented with different methods varying from Raku technique, which is most common in Japanese pottery used for tea ceremonies, to other methods more common in the Middle East. 

The prevalence of both nature and geometry in Islamic art both inspired and offered Francey a new way to explore the freeness of organic shapes within her work.   The ceramic Scrolls series (2005-2012) is a reflection on both time passing and time to come; our present will inevitably become the past.  Her most recent series, Of Birds and Geometry (2012-2013), show the relationship between geometric patterns and various configurations that reflects on our need to find meaning in the events that shape our lives.  Organic shapes strive to find a semblance of order, but still inevitably incorporate the unpredictable nature of the hand and fire that modeled it. 

Her career as an artist has inspired another facet of her life.  1001 Tiles is a ceramic workshop Anne Francey designed for children in elementary schools across the Capitol region.  Since receiving her first grant in 1999, Francey has worked with hundreds of children on community murals that show how each child is different and unique.  Her goal is to prove to each student how remarkable their personal style truly is, even when juxtaposed next to another child’s piece.  While the idea for these community projects stems from her own aesthetic, Francey finds that this experience has been wildly fulfilling and shaped her into a leader and organizer, giving sense to the larger visual design of each mural.  She finds that this translates to her own work as well, and as a result is able to make artistic choices more quickly. 

Anne Francey currently lives in Saratoga, NY.  While she continues to travel to Tunisia, she incorporates her Middle Eastern aesthetic with the nature that now surrounds her in Saratoga.  Inspired by bits of nature she collects during morning walks, these mini meditations start with small objects that lead her to reflect on larger scale issues, which becomes quite prevalent in her work.

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Recent Work

 gouache on paper

And, 2016

As, 2016

For, 2016

How (Hydra), 2015

However, 2016

If, 2016

Through, 2016

When (Bells), 2016

Caryatids (Watercolor)


Human Condition

Flower Series

Flower #1, 1988

Flower #2, 1988

Flower #3, 1988

Flower #4, 1988

Flower #5, 1988

Flower #6, 1988

Flower #7, 1988

Flower #8, 1988

Dark Flora

Cosmographies 44 x 30


Ins Series

Ins #1, 2008

Ins #2, 2008

Ins #3, 2008

Ins #4, 2008

Ins #5, 2008

Dark Vegetation

Large Paintings on Canvas






1983-1987            Hunter College: MFA , New York

1981-1982            School of Visual Arts: painting, video, 16 MM , New York

1976-1981            ECBA, Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Lausanne , Diplôme de Beaux-Arts,  Painting/Video, Lausanne, Switzerland 


2012                       Dietel Gallery, Emma Willard School, Troy, NY

                                Laffer Gallery,  Group show, Schuylerville, NY

2010                       Hyde Museum, Mohawk Hudson Regional, Glens Falls, NY

2009                       El Borj Gallery, la Marsa/Tunis, Tunisia

                                Farenheit, Carthage, Tunisia

       2007                        Gallery 100“Significantly small”, Saratoga Springs, NY

2006                       Carrie Haddad Gallery3 persons show, Hudson, NY


2006                       Gallery 100“Significantly small”, Saratoga Springs, NY              


2005                       Fileflanz Gallery,  “2 persons show” Albany, NY

2005                       Haddad Lascano Gallery,  “Still life” Great Barrington, Ma

2004                       Mandeville Gallery  “From an observant nature”, 3 persons show , Union College, Schenectady NY

2004                                  Schenectady Museum  “Mohawk Hudson regional”,

                                Schenectady NY

2003                       Schick Gallery, “Visiting Faculty exhibition”, Saratoga Springs, NY

2003                       Carrie Haddad Gallery, “Botanica”, group show, Hudson, NY

2003                       The Arts Center Gallery, “3-person show” Saratoga Springs, NY

2002                       Gallery 100,  “Garden show” group show, Saratoga Springs, NY

2000                       Arac, “Anne Francey-Renée Duc”, 2 persons show, Vallorbe, Switzerland

1999                       Lake George Arts Project, "Artists invite artists", Lake George, NY

1998                       Sioux City Arts Center, “Working space, selections from the        

                                Bemis Center for Contemporary Art”, Sioux City, Iowa

1998                       Carrie Haddad Gallery,  “Geoffrey Detrani, Anne Francey,           

                                Joseph Kurhajec”, 3 persons show, Hudson, NY

1998                       Sion Fine Arts Museum, “Saxifrage, Désespoir du peintre”,         

                                Sion, Switzerland

1997                       Lake George Arts Projects, “Made in Tunisia”, solo show,

                                Lake George, NY

1997                                  Albany Center Gallery, solo show, Albany,NY

1997                       Mille-Feuilles Gallery , solo show, la Marsa/Tunis, Tunisia

1997                       Fribourg Art & History Museum, “Saxifrage, Swiss painters”,

                                Fribourg, Switzerland

1996                       Jennish Museum, Alice Bailly Foundation 50th anniversary,

                                Vevey, Switzerland

1996                       Case Gallery, Skidmore College, “Skidmore Women Faculty

                                        Exhibition”, National Women’s Studies Association Conference, Saratoga Springs, NY

1995                       Urban Cultural Park, curator of "Compositions" a collaboration/artists/composers, S.Spgs, NY

                        1995                       Lake George Arts Project, "From the Lake & Beyond", Lake George, NY

1995                       Valley Artisans Market, "Abstractions & Subtractions", solo show, Cambridge, NY

1994                       Sage College Gallery, "Wet Paint", Troy, NY

1992                                  The Albany Biennial,  "Interplay 92", Rice Gallery, Albany NY

1989                       The Bemis Gallery, solo show, Omaha, Nebraska

1989                       Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery, "In Residence", 15 Artists From The Bemis Foundation, Lincoln, Nebraska

1988                       John Michael Kohler Art Center, "Hothouse" exhibition, Sheboygan, Wisconsin



2009                       Sidi Kacem El Jelizi, National Center for Ceramic Art, Tunis, Tunisia, artist residency

2000-2011            NYSCA Arts in Education Initiative grants for the creation of collaborative ceramic murals in schools

2005                       Creative Connections” AIE, Loudonville, NY

1999                       SPAF, New York State Council on the Arts, “Faces, faces and more… faces”, a community project involving hundreds of participants

1995                       SPAF, New York State Council on the Arts,

                                "Compositions", collaborative work between artists and composers

1989                       Fellowship AWS Bemis Foundation, Omaha, Nebraska

                                Artist residency,

1988                       National Artist  Grant, Switzerland

1987                       Fellowship , AWS Bemis Foundation, Omaha, Nebraska artist residency

1987                       Award,  Sommerville Art Price,  Hunter College, New York

1983                       Artist’s Grant, Young Artists of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky

1982                       Artist’s Grant, Foundation Alice Bailly, Lausanne, Switzerland

1981                       Professional advancement Grant, Business Professional Women and Zonta Club, Switzerland

                                        Painting Award, Association de Peintres et Sculpteurs, Lausanne, Switzerland




        2010-2012            Empire State College, Saratoga Spgs, NY, Introduction to Studio Art,

                                        Islamic art and decorative Ceramic design

1998- 2013           Skidmore College, Saratoga Spgs, NY, Studio Art, lecturer

2008                       Bennington College, workshop on grant writing and application

1997- 12                Mural projects: Artist in residence in public schools

1998                       Figure drawing SCAC Arts Center, Saratoga Springs, NY

1991- 98                Figure drawing, Special Programs, Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY

1992                       French 20th Century-contemporary Art, Skidmore College Summer Program, Paris, France

1987- 88                Studio Art, New Jersey Center for Visual Arts, Summit, New Jersey


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