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Leigh Palmer

 My paintings are based on observation of the landscape in the Hudson River Valley where I live, and are improvised in the studio; the images are found or discovered in my memory of familiar places and developed during the painting process. Human beings do not appear, but their presence is felt in the marks left on the ground (furrows, fence rows, roads), and sometimes in the air (smoke, haze).

The Hudson River School weighs heavily on the landscape painter here, and the influence must be grappled with. I cautiously take energy from the tradition, but I choose humble locations and treat them more introspectively than most of those 19th century painters did.

The window has returned to my paintings after a long furlough. Now it is in the form of a frame or a mat which may also be read as an opening in a wall.  Recently,  I have been using metal leaf around the edges which creates a kind of frame while remaining an integral formal element of the painting.

I use beeswax (encaustic) paint because, in its unruliness, it encourages the accidental. It is almost impossible for me to use it to render, and I get an expressive, rough, sometimes dream-like product: I surprise myself. The surface can be scraped and sculpted, worked as one might work the ground with a hoe or rake.

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Openings 2015-2016

Openings 2013


Landscape with Cows, 1991

Streak, 2007

Kingdom, 2005-7

Incident, 2007

Domain, 2007


Encaustic works are created with melted beeswax mixed with dried pigment or oil paint.  This is an ancient process which has become quite popular in recent years.

Opening, Farm, 2008

Works on Paper

Untitled, 1997

Wheat Field, 2003

Untitled, 1997

Untitled III, 2005

Untitled II, 2005

Untitled , 2005

Untitled #30, 1999





“Leigh Palmer spent most of his early painting life working in oils”, writes Randi Hoffman of American Artist. He depicted serene interiors, views through windows, and landscapes in a precise, detailed style, sometimes using photographs. Then, in 1987, he moved with his family from suburban Duxbury, Massachusetts, to Tivoli, New York, a quiet town on the Hudson River, north of New York City. Palmer’s paintings darkened, often capturing the late afternoon light or the moments just before dusk, and he began to try new forms and materials. His subject matter shifted to the sprawling hills and countryside of the Hudson Valley. “I wanted to respond to the new landscape I was seeing, to catch something of the feeling I had just before dark,” says Palmer. “I took a lot of photographs, but I was happier with the paintings I created from memory.”


  Around this time, the artist received a set of materials for encaustic painting from a friend and began to experiment with them. Encaustic is a technique of painting with hot wax colors that fuse to a support after they are applied and fixed with heat. “The process suggests a distinct language of marks. It requires a different painting vocabulary,” says Palmer. “And it’s very permanent, which I like. Also, it hardens in about twenty seconds or so, while oils dry slowly and often don’t appear the way they did when you put them on. With encaustic paints, I can see how my work looks immediately.”



 About the same time he began using encaustic, Palmer also started to move away from painting from photographs. “I began to work more spontaneously, making the picture up as I went along,” he says. “Instead of a preconceived idea, I allowed my emotions to come into play. I began working from a place where dreams were taking an inventory of what was inside me.” He notes that encaustic became a catalyst for this change. “The medium doesn’t always go the way you want it to; you have to follow it,” says Palmer. “I think encaustic provided me with the ability to have accidental things happen as I went along. I had to give up the control I had with oil paint. I’ve ended up doing more interpretive paintings.”




2013 Carrie Haddad Gallery, Hudson NY

2011 Graficas Gallery, Nantucket MA
2010 Carrie Haddad Gallery, Hudson NY

2009 Bachelier-Cardonsky Gallery, Kent CT

2008 Bachelier-Cardonsky Gallery, Kent CT

Four Starr Gallery, Stonington CT

2007 Carrie Haddad Gallery, Hudson NY

2005 Bachelier-Cardonsky Gallery, Kent CT

2004 Segalas Gallery, Bernardsville NJ

2003, 04 Bachelier-Cardonsky, Gallery Kent CT

2000, 01, 03 Carrie Haddad Gallery, Hudson NY

1999 Barbara Singer Fine Art, Cambridge MA

1999, 98 Carrie Haddad Gallery, Hudson NY

1997 The Main Street Gallery, Nantucket MA

1996 Randall Tuttle Fine Arts, Woodbury CT

1995 James Cox Gallery, Woodstock NY

1992, 90, 88, 87 Sherry French Gallery, New York NY

1985, 84, 83 The Main Street Gallery, Nantucket MA




2005 Pulp”, Carrie Haddad Gallery, Hudson NY

Landscapes”, Haddad-Lascano, Great Barrington, MA

2004 "On Paper", Carrie Haddad Gallery, Hudson NY

"Landscapes", Haddad-Lascano Gallery, Great Barrington MA

2003 "Hudson River Art at Rhinebeck" Historic Wilderstein Mansion,RhinebeckNY

2002 "Works on Paper", Carrie Haddad Gallery, Hudson NY
"Hot Wax", Cummings Art Center, Connecticut College, New London, CT
"The Luminous Landscape", Museum of the Hudson Highlands, Cornwall- on-Hudson NY and Albert Shahinian Gallery, Poughkeepsie NY

2001 "Juried Show", Columbia County Council on the Arts, Hudson NY

"Landscapes", The Gallery at R&F, Kingston NY

2000 "Dealer's Choice", Bridgewater/Lustberg&Blumenfeld, New York NY

1999 "Encaustic Works '99", Watermark/Cargo Gallery Kingston NY and The Gallery at R&F, Kingston NY

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"Four Old Friends", The New Gallery, Nantucket MA "Summer Group Show", Munson Gallery, Chatham MA

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1994 "Winter Group Show", James Cox Gallery, Woodstock NY

1993 "Landscapes", Warren Street Gallery, Hudson NY

1992-93 "The New Whitney Dissenters", Sherry French Gallery, New York NY.
Traveled to museums in AK, IL and MA

1991 "Group Show", Gwenda Jay Gallery, Chicago IL

1990-92 "Illumination and Radiance: Epiphanies in Contemporary Painting", Sherry French Gallery, New York NY. Traveled to museums in MI, OK, CA, TX and WA

1990 Chicago International Art Exposition, Navy Pier, Chicago IL

1988 "An Evening and a Day with Contemporary Art", The Bayly Art Museum, Charlottesville VA
Chicago Internationl Art Exposition, Navy Pier, Chicago IL

"Focus on Art: 1988", NCJW of Essex County, NJ

"The Collectors' Show", Arkansas Art Center, Little Rock AK

1987-89 "Frivolity and Mortality: The Tradition of Vanitas in Contemporary Painting", Sherry French Gallery, New York. Traveled to museums in NJ, TN, IN, AZ, CA, NY and UT

1987 "Modern American Realism: The Sara Roby Foundation Collection", National Museum of American Art, Smithsonian Institute, Washington DC (catalog illus. page 114)
Basel Art Fair, Basel, Switzerland

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1986 "Nature Morte: The Museum Examines Still Life", So. Alleghenies Museum, Loretto PA

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"Still Life: Life That Is Still", Sherry French Gallery, New York

"Group Show", Miller Gallery, Cincinatti OH

"Food Show", Nabisco Brands Gallery, East Hanover NJ

1984 "Selections from The Sara Roby Foundation Collection”, Nantucket Historical Society, Nantucket MA

1983 "Annual Juried Show", Art Complex Museum, Duxbury MA



1995 MacDowell Colony, Peterborough NH, Residency Fellowship



National Museum of American Art, Washington DC

Sprint Corporation, Kansas City MO

US State Department

Bank of New York

Hallmark Cards, Inc., Kansas City MO

The New School for Social Research, New York NY

The Gund Collection, Cambridge MA

American Bank and Trust Co., Chattanooga TN

Ernst and Whinney, New York NY

Dutchess Community College Library, Poughkeepsie NY



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