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Shawn Snow, David Konigsberg & Anne Francey

Reception: Saturday June 10 from 6 to 8pm

June 8, 2006 through July 9, 2006

In a continued effort to represent regional artists, Carrie Haddad Gallery is proud to present work by Shawn Snow, David Konigsberg and Anne Francey. “One of the great pleasures in running a gallery,” says Director, Carrie Haddad, “is sharing in the development of the artists and their work over time.” For at least ten years the Carrie Haddad Gallery has exhibited the works of Snow, Konigsberg and Francey. The show will run from June 8 through July 9 2006 and a reception will be held on Saturday June 10 from 6 to 8pm. All are welcome to attend.

Shawn Snow’s abstract paintings attempt to tap into the periphery of the mind, so as to locate a connection that all humans hold on some primal level. The surface textures, visual and tactile, result from the use of various materials including tar, latex house paint, encaustic, oil stick, joint compound and polyurethane. The highly excited states of the surfaces resemble heavily marked cave walls, earth samples, or artifacts. Writer Jonathan Fardy states of Snow’s work that “Snow is an abstract painter, and his work has detectable affinities with past masters, most notably those of the New York School. But whereas many abstract expressionists regarded color as transcendent, Snow’s colors often feel taken from the earth. Colors are never “pure” in these paintings, rather they are always tar blacks, pollen yellows, or faded denim blues.” Shawn Snow lives in Kingston, New York.

David Konigsberg’s rural and urban experience plays out in a love for both landscape and conceptual narrative, genres he often travels between and sometimes combines. His style is soft and approachable and nature is usually the backdrop. Konigsberg comes to his art from the point of view of a writer and brings literary traditions to painting in the form of reoccurring symbols and characters. These take the form of airships, swimmers, men in suits and other figures, acting singularly or in groups.  David Konigsberg splits his time between Brooklyn and Ghent, New York.

Anne Francey’s observation of the natural world has always been the point of departure in her work, evolving into a constant oscillation between representation and abstraction, organic shapes and geometric order, what's being shown and what's being hidden. Whether starting from a flower, a twig, an insect or a moss. Francey simplifies and flattens their shapes, blurring their visual identity in order to reveal a hidden meaning. Of her work, the artist states, “Could these abstracted forms of insects and plants, hardened for ever in the fired clay, become imprints of the past one day, like fossils of a bygone era?” Anne Francey currently resides in Saratoga Springs, New York.

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