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Open Daily
11 am to 5 pm


Stephen Walling, Darshan Russell, Kathy Korn, Sally Agee, Caroline Golden, Susan Kotulak, Bill Wilson, Howard Crouch, Paul Katz, John Babcock King & Jock Pottle

Reception: Saturday September 23 from 6 to 8pm

September 21, 2006 through October 29, 2006



Carrie Haddad Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of Naïve. Featured are works from twelve regional artists that range from “pure outsider” to bona fide artist. There will be an opening reception on Saturday September 23 from 6 to 8pm. All are welcome to attend.


Outsider or Naïve art is one of many widely-debated terms used to describe art that is created apart from the mainstream art world; work by people who have received no formal training and are not aware of the history of art.  It is often characterized by a use of unusual materials and subject matters and is prized for its refreshing originality.   


The show features artists with a wide range of experiences. Not all of the artists featured in the exhibit are outsider artists; many have had years of formal art training and have shown at prestigious galleries, but Haddad has included them because their work is not typically classic and their materials and presentation is unorthodox.


With a dozen participating artists, Naïve should have something for everyone. The Carrie Haddad Gallery is located at 622 Warren Street in Hudson, NY.  Gallery hours are 11-5pm Thursday through Tuesday, closed Wednesdays. For more information, call (518) 828-1915

Artists in this show

Darshan Russell

March Abstract No. 2, 2004

Modena de Kimo, 1995

Mothers and Daughters, 1999

The Senator, 2003

The High Line, NYC, 2001


Paul Katz

Untitled (Base and Saw)

Excalibur, 2005


Double Mallet, 2006

Bunyan Strikes, 2006

Untitled (Relics), 1999

Untitled (Cell Phone), 2004

Star's Wheel (Trowel), 2001

gallery shot, 2006

Sally Agee

Bubbles, 2006

Two Worlds, 2003

Wheels, 2006

Jungle, 2006

Friends, 2001

Stephen Walling

Parchment Trees, 2006

Birnam, 2006

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