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Serious Play

Gabe Brown, Vince Pomilio, Fernando Orellana and Jessica Houston

August 18, 2011 through September 18, 2011

Carrie Haddad Gallery is pleased to announce “Serious Play”, an exhibit featuring

paintings by Vincent Pomilio, Gabe Brown and Jessica Houston, and electronic art sculpture by Fernando Orellana.  The work will be on view from August 18th – September 18th, with a reception for the artists on Saturday August 20th from 6 – 8 PM.  There will be a talk given by the artists at the gallery on Sunday August 28th at 2 PM.  All are welcome.


Vincent Pomilio makes a bold statement about movement and color with his richly-layered, abstract paintings that hold their refined chaotic power on the wall.  The large paintings have an interwoven surface of small circles, squares and drizzles burnished in bright, deep colors that reveal the hint of a landscape.  There is a sense of these self-organizing systems continuing off the picture plane as one shape flows from another, and then another, until there is a pulsating energy of interacting elements animated by color.


Gabe Brown paints color-drenched narrative vignettes of an inner landscape.  Using a visual vocabulary derived from a world that often goes unnoticed, she reinvents reality.  Nature, and those things existing in nature (over-sized water drops, birds, clouds, trees, honeycombs, fog), become metaphors for a strange and at times super reality, a parallel universe that questions the natural scheme of life itself.  As in a dream, the paintings are super-charged with organic shapes in gorgeously bright and clear colors, leaving one with a feeling of lightness and optimism.


Since 2006, Jessica Houston has been working on a series called “The Times”.  She paints over newspapers--obliterating, whiting out, and rearranging the page.  Working within the existing grid system to reveal and, ultimately, undermine it, the act of painting echoes the ways in which the media selects, eliminates, and frames information. These multi-layered paintings become a palimpsest, a chance to sand away and start anew.  The figurative portraits are inspired by images from newspapers and have a tender, ephemeral quality.

Fernando Orellana is a professor of electronic art at Union College in Schenectady, NY.

In this exhibit will be time-lapse videos of his Extruder, a machine he developed to make sculpture from Play-Doh.  It slices the primary-colored clay that is pressed through a template into little sculptures of people, cows and houses. This is a continuation of his fascination with the mass production of the automobile and offers a visual/tactile commentary the “Technicolor cartoon reality” of the developed world we live in. 


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