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Tracy Helgeson, Robert Koffler, Don Bracken, and Harry Orlyk. Backroom: etchings by Damian Henry and sculpture by Linda Cross

July 30, 2009 through August 30, 2009

Landscapes, landscapes, landscapes, what more can you say about them that hasn’t been said already?

Carrie Haddad Gallery will be featuring the work of four very different artists who have a lot more to say (about the land) in the summer “Landscapes” show which runs from July 30 – August 30, 2009.  A reception for the artists will take place on Saturday, August 1st from 6-8 pm. All are welcome to attend.


 Harry Orlyk manages to make a fresh statement about the landscape year after year as he captures the changing view in his daily ritual of painting the surrounding farmland.  “I hope my paintings can be seen as portraits of days. Each day is a model who will not return tomorrow. To paint even the same place on a second day is to paint a sitter who wasn’t the one who was there yesterday.”  His plein-air landscapes have an immediacy that is palpable, the quick sketch rendered in oil on linen, the moment captured.


The luminous and color saturated landscapes by Tracy Helgeson seem to hover between reality and abstraction.  “My intent is to capture an evocative feeling and essence of the landscape,” says Helgeson, “the scenes are rooted in reality, but I often alter composition, color and light.  I like to juxtapose bold colors and simple compositions with very subtle, delicate layers of color and bits of detail.”  Her style of painting is the complete opposite of Orlyk’s. Where Orlyk strives to convey every detail of a particular landscape, Helgeson seeks a more minimal representation. She lessens the number of trees, the amount of detail in a barn, and intensifies the limited palette.  Both her very large and her very small paintings are reductions of the visual information at hand and offer the viewer the bare essence of an iconic landscape.

The gallery will be introducing a “new” artist, Robert Koffler with this exhibition.  Koffler’s career spans five decades, primarily as an abstract painter, but he now considers himself a “landscape painter”,  having moved to the Berkshires and finding new inspiration in site-specific nature.  By omitting the details of roads and houses he creates “memory landscapes”, using color and light and shadow and considers the paintings “as places to enter and experience through spaces as well as nature studies”.  Koffler lives with his wife in Cheltenham, PA, but his studio is located on Lover’s Lane in Washington, MA.

The gallery’s newest artist, Don Bracken, uses the actual land in his landscapes.  He works on-site, taking dirt from the fields and mixing it with limestone, dry pigment and acrylic medium. “I found the dirt more compelling than the colors I was using”, says Bracken, “and working this way helped me experience the fragility and vulnerability of the land.” Bracken’s paintings are dense and earthy, a bit like getting the land in your landscape. 

Exhibiting in the back room are artists Linda Cross andDamian Henry.  Sculptor Linda Cross has created a monumental wall relief that magnifies the landscape in a very primal way.  She takes us into the landscape on a geological level, creating rocks and stones and gravel of a river bed or quarry bottom using the very light and simple materials of  paper, oil and acrylic.

Damian Henry exhibits a large series of etchings. Henry is known for his strong contemporary graphic style and direct, honest images that are captured in dynamic drawing and a fresh, simple, spontaneous line. Henry's just-off-centre narratives of young folk at home alone, in busy cafes, bars, out dancing or playing music are refreshing, playful and engaging.



Artists in this show

Damian Henry

Dalmation Walk , 2009

Dialing, 2009

Bar Talk, 2007

Book, 2000

Bottle, 2000

Fringe, 2000

Pie and Pint

Sitting, 2007

Puppets, 2006

Skateboard, 2006

Fishmonger, 2000

House of Cards, 2006


Reading, 2007

Violinist, 2000

Second Coffee, 2000

Siesta, 2003

Cat (Blue), 2003

Don Bracken

By Any Other Name, 2007-08

In a State of Flux, 2007-08

Goodbye Jacques, 2008

Figure in a Field, 2007-8

Dream of Italy, 2008

Charlie Doesn't Surf, 2009

Charlie Doesn't Dance, 2009

Figure in an Overgrown Field No. 2, 2009

Harry Orlyk

#4244 Sylvia's Tamarack, 2008

#4247 Evening Elevator, 2008

#4248 Harvest Trucks, 2008

#4249 Requim Before Saw Hill, 2009


#4250 Beattie House, Winter's Edge, 2008

#4256 The Battie Bridge, 2009

#4274 East Hebron, 2009

#4276 Through the Last March Snow, 2009


#4277 The Fox, 2009


#4288 Hired Hand's House, 2009

#4295 Pipe Wagon, 2009

#4297 Trees on Saw Hill, 2009

#4299 The Lewis Farm, 2009

#4301 Sylvia's Field, 2009

#4303 Hebron in Evening Light, 2009


#4306 The Gambling Door, 2009

Linda Cross

Excavation, 2004

Ledge, 2008

Fresh Kills, 2005

Robert Steven Koffler

Blue Roots, 2005

Afternoon Shadows, 2005

East Hills, 2006

East View Sunrise, 2007

Study Behind the Clark, 2008

Two Apple Trees, 2006

Sunrise, 2009

Tracy Helgeson

Center Punch, 2008


Land Fall, 2008

Two Plus Two, 2008


Long Sky, 2008


Quiet, 2008

Horizon Lines (39), 2009

Horizon Lines (40), 2009

Orange House with Hedge, 2009

House of Worship, 2009

I Drove All Night, 2009


The Barn Next Door, 2009

Pink Triangle, 2009

The Barns Next Door, 2009

The Fields Across the Way, 2009

Red Barn with Silo, 2009


A Quiet Setting, 2009


Barns with Red Roofs, 2009

Deep Inside, 2009

Disappearing Path, 2009

Double Cross, 2009

Horizon Lines (38), 2009

Just A Dream, 2009


Last Bit of the Day, 2009

Orange Barn in Place, 2009


Horizon Lines (41), 2009

Right Against the Trees, 2009

Edge of the Yard, 2009


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