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Adam Cohen Abstract Painting and Russell Monk Casa Portraits

January 23, 2013 through March 3, 2013



Adam Cohen's fascination with color and composition started when he was a child growing up in Englewood Cliffs in Northern New Jersey.   He studied at Philadelphia's Tyler School of Art at Temple University (BFA), as well as the School of Visual Arts, Parsons and the Art students League.  
Over the years, Cohen began to explore the use of the computer in his practice. Using Photo Shop 1, Cohen was one of the very first artists ever to use the computer for art-making, and his career as a top illustrator was born. Cohen was hired by Disney,Visa, MasterCard, Coca-Cola, CBS-TV, McGraw-Hill, Pfizer, Orion Pictures, Verizon, AT&T, The Atlantic Monthly, Dean-Witter, The New York Times and many, many others.
Eventually, Cohen returned to Fine Art. First using paper collage and other mixed media, he now creates paintings on paper and canvas that are influenced by the New York School of Abstract Expressionism. Cohen has been exhibited at the Leonard Pearlson Gallery in NY, the Gallery of American Artists, the Walter Meade Gallery in Roxbury NY, and the Princeton Show Home, in addition to upcoming projects and shows in various cities worldwide.
Russell Monk’s Casa Portraits were taken in a “daylight” studio in the courtyard of his house on the outskirts of the town of San Miguel de Allende, in central Mexico. The subjects are his neighbours, friends, “locals” and random people that he met in his day to day life or who sometimes would come knocking at his door. 
There is “Pedro” who is a singer and who looks after the neighborhood playground; Isabelle, the long suffering but glamorous matriarch of the large family who lives on the other side of Russell Monk’s wall; Salvador and his pet rabbit; a man who walk around town selling garlic – draped from his torso; a young ironworker; a slaughterhouse worker; a new father wit h his infant son; an old woman who begs on the streets; a beauty queen from a nearby “rancho” – to name a few…Always trusting him – allowing him to fit them within whatever vision it is that he has of them and the mystery that is Mexico.
Russell Monk has been shooting professionally for longer than he would like to admit, and divides his time between Toronto and Mexico. He has worked commercially for a wide range of clients, advertising, design and editorial. And, along the way he has garnered numerous nominations and won various awards with his photography appearing in amongst other, American Photography, Applied Arts, Communication Arts, Graphis and Zoom. He has also had a number of gallery shows, self-published book, titled Amusing World and won a Gold for his travel writing at the National Magazine Awards. Presently, Russell is working on a long term project, a book of Mexican Photographers, shooting various commercial assignments, and recording some new songs.

Artists in this show

Adam Cohen

Rising Ashes , 2012


Proposal, 2012

Heart of Gold, 2012


Waterfall, 2012


Unfathomable, 2012

Technicolor Tsunami, 2012

Mind Map, 2012


Spontaneous Combustion, 2012


John's Dreamless Dream, 2012

Air Bluing With Afternoon, 2012

Orchestra, 2012

Russell Monk

Nopales, 2010-2012

Rabbit, 2010-2012

School Kid, 2010-2012

Rai, 2010-2012

Amigos, 2010-1012

Garlic Man, 2010-2012

Doloros, 2010-2012

Las Mujeres del Noche, 2010-2012

Lottery Dandy, 2010-2012

Old Lady, 2010-2012

Beauty Queen, 2010-2012

Concha, 2010-2012

Mask Musica, 2010-2012

Carlos Hat (side view), 2010-2012

Los Ladrillos, 2010-2012

Clubbo, 2010-2012

Pedro Plant, 2010-2012

Guitar, 2010-2012

Bullfighters, 2010-2012

Ninaita, 2010-2012

Martine, 2010-2012

Cheto y Marco, 2010-2012

Carlos Cross, 2010-2012


Concha Lucia, 2010-2012

Sombrero, 2010-2012

Trombone, 2010-2012

Iron Cross, 2010-2012

Young Girl with Mask, 2010-2012

Nico y Su Hijo, 2010-2012

Pedro, 2010-2012

Pigs Head, 2010-2012

Pinata, 2010-2012

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