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Landscapes: Von Rosk, Orlyk, Palmer, Locker and Bloodgood-Abrams

Harry Orlyk, Leigh Palmer, Thomas Locker, Laura Von Rosk, Jane Bloodgood-Abrams and Joseph Maresca

September 22, 2010 through October 31, 2010


Carrie Haddad Gallery is pleased to announce Landscapes, an exhibition of new works by Jane Bloodgood-Abrams, Thomas Locker, Harry Orlyk, Leigh Palmer, and Laura Von Rosk.  From one artist to the next, the approach taken towards the landscape varies, yet all contain a very personal interpretation of the picturesque.  The exhibit runs from Thursday, September 23rd to Sunday, October 31st.  There will be a reception for the artists on Saturday, September 25th from 6 – 8 PM.  We hope you can come have a glass of wine with us.


Jane Bloodgood-Abrams portrays the sublime in the landscape.  Inspired by George Inness, she searches for the mystical in nature, bringing   to life heaven on earth. By building up layers of transparent glazes, her paintings appear to have light glowing from within.  The simple curves of clouds, the bending and swaying of trees, and the breath of Nature, offer a grace that pulls the viewer into the landscape.  Bloodgood-Abrams’ work has been chosen for numerous regional, national and international exhibitions, including the New York State Biennial at the NY State Museum in Albany, and exhibits in Austria, Italy, Germany and, of course, NYC.  Her studio is in Kingston, right here in the Hudson River Valley.


Thomas Locker continues in the tradition of the 19th Century Hudson River School painters by making beautifully constructed Romantic landscapes.  Using old master techniques of glazing and paint chemistry, he creates a  poetic architecture, imbuing the literal world of nature with a dream-like quality.  The sites he paints are real—Kaaterskill Falls, Bolton Landing, Catskill Creek—but rendered with a new visual mystery and majesty.  Locker has been a children’s book illustrator and author since 1984, winning several prestigious awards, including, The Christopher Award, The John Burroughs Award and The New York Times Award.  He continues diligently painting  the “Arcadian” landscape from his studio near Hunter Mountain.


Harry Orlyk paints dramatic yet simple views of the surrounding rural landscape.  He focuses on contrasting colors produced by natural light, the magnitude of shadows, and the ever changing moods of the seasons on the farm.  Using a ruggedly textured brushstroke, Orlyk highlights his scenes with an excellent sense of color that even nature must struggle to surpass.  Orlyk admits the influence of photographer Lawrence McFarland who taught him what spiritual space is, and how to emphasize it.  He credits well-known Nebraska painter Keith Jacobshagen with having impressed on him the importance of routine, hence his discipline of “daily painting”.  His attachment to the land and the people who struggle to make their livings working the land is inspired by Van Gogh. Orlyk is a  recipient of the highly regarded Guggenheim Fellowship and has exhibited at galleries throughout the country.  He currently resides with his family in Salem, New York and has been exhibiting with Carrie Haddad since 2001.


Leigh Palmer has a very expressive painterly technique using encaustic and oil on paper, panel and canvas.  He paints above the view, as if his vision was that of a bird in flight. In his landscapes, luminous clouds above rolling hills dominate the canvas, conveying the overwhelming sense of nature and the lack of human presence in his paintings.  The viewer is plunged into the landscape and immediately lost in an intimate and beautifully muted world. In much of Palmer's work, there seems to be something looming, a natural foreboding or melancholy approaching just beyond the sublime.

Leigh Palmer received a BFA in painting from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1966. He has had several solo shows in NYC, Nantucket MA, Kent CT and Hudson NY. He is in the permanent collection of the National Museum of American Art and numerous corporate and private collections. He lives in Tivoli and works right here in Hudson.


Laura Von Rosk paints in a surrealist manner. Her small and intimate landscapes come to life in an abstracted way, like one perceives in a dream. There is a circular pattern in the making of the paintings which creates a fluid relationship with each one, connecting like pages in a book. Her painterly technique is to blend the earth together with no sign of any brush strokes, separating and defining nature by shape and color. With a bright palette and slightly distorted “lens” to animate the landscape, Von Rosk combines the real and the ideal in her landscapes. 

Laura Von Rosk has an MFA in painting from the University of Pennsylvania.  She has received numerous awards and residencies and exhibits extensively.  She lives and works in the Adirondacks.


Carrie Haddad Gallery is located at 622 Warren Street in Hudson, NY.  The gallery is open from 11-5 Thursday through Monday and by appointment or chance on Tuesday and Wednesday.  For directions or more information call the gallery at 518 828 1915 or online at www.carriehaddadgallery.com


Artists in this show

Harry Orlyk

#4439 Black Creek at Harold's Bridge, 2010

#4501 Three Wagons, 2010

#4505 Inlet (I 4 Bay), 2010

#4438 Salem from Saw Hill, 2010


#4440 Creek Avenue SAW, 2010

#4488 A Few Late Bloomers, 2010

#4489 Engine at the Switch, 2010

#4490 Bob Ackland's Road, 2010

#4491 Betsy's Farm, 2010


#4492 The SAW Crane, 2010

#4494 Overgrown Barn, 2010


#4495 Hilltop Bales, 2010

#4496 A Visit with Royce, 2010


#4499 Royce Harvesting, 2010

#4500 Blue Silos, 2010

#4269 Memory of Two Sisters, 2009

#4267 In the Woods, 2009

Jane Bloodgood-Abrams

Falling Light, 2009


Nocturne, 2009


The Beginning, 2010


Spring Light, 2010


To the West (from Ridge Road Olana), 2010


Spring Pastorale, 2010


Breaking Light over the Catskills, 2009


Joseph Maresca

Fall, 2010


March, 2010


Morning Winter, 2010

Ruby Fall, 2010

Untitled (pink river), 2010

Winter Barge, 2010

Tanker Riding High, 2010

Winter Sunset, 2010

Winter , 2010


Laura Von Rosk

Bump in the Road, 2009

Lake with Dead Trees (after Cole), 2009

Smoke, 2009

Untitled (Ground Hole), 2009

Untitled (January), 2010

Untitled (Lake Through Trees), 2010

Untitled (Lake View), 2009

Untitled (Mountain Wall), 2009

Untitled (Pile of Rocks), 2010

Untitled (bend in the river), 2009

Untitled (Dark Green), 2009

Untitled (November), 2009

Untitled (Tree), 2009


Untitled (Water Cliffs), 2009

Whiteface Landing, 2009

Leigh Palmer

Opening No.12, 2010

Opening No.13, 2010

Opening No.14, 2010


Opening No.15, 2010

Opening No.16, 2010


Opening No. 7, 2009


Opening No. 5, 2008


Opening No. 9, 2009-10


Opening No. 10, 2010


Opening No. 11, 2010


Daybreak, 2003




Margaret Cherubin

Sea and Rocks, 2010

Thomas Locker

Half Moon, 2010

Kaaterskill Falls, 2008

September Stroll, 2010

Gateway to Eternity, 2010

Place in Westchester, 2010

Parking Lot to Paradise, 2010

Arcadia, 2010

Spruce Creek, 2010

Classical Tree, 2010

Day, North of West Point, 2010

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