Valerie Shaff


Valerie Shaff was given her first camera when she was seven years old. Photography has since become her career. Her work has appeared in many popular publications such as the New Yorker, Paper, Good Housekeeping, and Martha Sterwart Living. Valerie is best known for her sepia toned portraits of dogs. Her 1998 collaboration with Roy Blount, Jr., If Only You Knew How Much I Smell You/True Portraits of Dogs was such a success that more have followed of puppies, barn yard animals and now, cats.

She is equally skilled at capturing the essence of other animals, places and people, too. Her work of Silent Pioneers - 13 Portraits of Gay Activists appeared in Out magazine. She describes herself as having a "romantic vision" and says she seeks "truth in both subjects and beauty." Her commercial clients include the Gap, Ralph Lauren, Vintage Press and Atlantic Records. She is the recipient of a Polaroid Corporation grant and her work is in the corporate collections of Polaroid and Colgate Palmolive.