Thread, Pixels, Paper: works by Melinda McDaniel, Melissa Zexter and Katharine Kreisher

also on exhibit - Water: Nature and Memory by Betsy Weis

Reception: Saturday, May 28 from 6-8pm

May 26, 2011 through July 3, 2011


Carrie Haddad Photographs is pleased to present Thread, Pixels, Paper: mixed media and photography by Melissa Zexter, Melinda McDaniel and Katharine Kreisher. Also on exhibit will be a series of photographs by Betsy Weis titled Water. Nature and Memory. The exhibit runs from May 26, 2011 through July 3, 2011. There will be a reception for the artists on Saturday, May 28, from 6-8pm. All are invited to attend.

In Thread, Pixels, Paper, both Melissa Zexter and Melinda McDaniel use thread and needlework in combination with photography.  Melissa Zexter uses the older art form, embroidery, refracted through a modern one, photography, to create structured objects that are embodiments of both fragmentation and focused concentration. She combines hand-stitched embroidery with color and black and white photography, focusing primarily on the female body and landscapes. Her sewn designs onto images create intricate texture and patterns. The webs and grids Zexter fabricates, grow over the photograph resulting in new complex dimensions.  

Melinda McDaniel sees photographs in pieces; for her the individual pixel is as critical as the photograph in its entirety. Previously, McDaniels has created minimalist sculptures with her use of unexposed photographic paper and other materials such as wood and pins. In her most recent series, McDaniels continues to delicately dissect her photographs, extracting what she determines to be their most important parts and meaning. Her discoveries are again combined with other materials - vellum, thread and wood. Her images are both seen and unseen, allowing the viewer to question the many ways an image can exist.

Katharine Kreisher alters old and new photographic images of herself and her personal environment by using a variety of traditional and digital methods. She uses small sections of photographs, isolating the pixels in order to expand on her vision. Kreisher's images explore one's sense of self in the world and the on-going metamorphosis that takes place as our elusive, fragilely constructed identities shift throughout life.

Betsy Weis’ work contains themes of light, time, perception, beauty and memory. Ten pieces will be on view from her series, Water: Nature and Memory. These works reflect a calming yet evocative, wild nature. Timeless scenes of water, light and shadow are revealed. Weis uses digital technology to capture more distinctively and closely the texture of natural space. She seeks to provide us with a sensorial memory of being in the elements, where the boundaries between outer and personal, blur.

Carrie Haddad Photographs is located at 318 Warren Street, Hudson, NY, 12534. For more information about the exhibit please contact us at 518-828-7655 or visit

Artists in this show

Melissa Zexter

Brooklyn Bus Map

Computer Maze, 2009

Maid, 2011

Girl with Bow, 2011

Russian City, 2010

Girl in Mirror, 2009

Girl in Bath, 2009

Silver Lake, 2011

Girl in Bonnet (Cooper Lake), 2009

Swimmers, 2009

Melinda McDaniel

Button-Up, 2011

Over-under, 2011

Little Mellow, 2011

Gradual Lean, 2011

Quiet Lines , 2011

All Their Pretty Pixels, 2010


All Their Pretty Pixels (detail), 2010


Pouches, 2010

Pouches (detail), 2010

Betsy Weis (Photography)

Blue Sea, 2010

Canal, 2005

Blue Pondwater, 2004

Land and Sea, 2010

Sun and Clouds, 2010

Sea, 2010

Reservoir, 2005

Light Rain Shadow, 2010

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