The Emotional Landscape

photographs by Anna Collette, Lependorf + Shire, Michael Marston, Juan Garcia Nunez and Andre Wagner

opening reception: Saturday, April 16 from 6 - 8pm

April 14, 2011 through May 22, 2011

Carrie Haddad Photographs is pleased to present Emotional Landscape: photographs by Anna Collette, Lependorf + Shire, Michael Marston, Juan Garcia Nunez and Andre Wagner. Also on exhibit will be a series of photographs by Lori Van Houten titled Cooper Street. The exhibit runs from April 14, 2011 through May 22, 2011. There will be a reception for the artists on Saturday, April 16 from 6 –8pm. All are invited to attend.

In this group of images, each photographer has intentionally done something to the landscape to provoke an emotion or heighten the dramatic impact. They have actively entered the topography in some way to create a change, a change which reveals not only the landscape, but the artist. Andre Wagner uses natural and artificial light as a method of design to help visually decode the hidden emotions in his settings. Through a series of techniques, Anna Collette has reduced the color of a midnight forest to a singular blue, revealing a tangled, forbidden realm. In Juan Garcia-Nunez’s work, his use of overlay and blurring communicate the visual connection between the landscape of the river and the microscopic aquatic life which has been present since the ice age.

Two other photographers make use of nature’s own forces as mechanisms to enhance their vision. For Lependorf + Shire this comes from the kinetic energy created by a massive waterfall, its corresponding mist diffusing air and light, allowing the subtle colors of falling leaves to pop against an otherwise neutral palette. In Michael Marston’s other-worldly image of Iceland, the unpredictable elements of fog, rain, and wind unveil the beauty and violence of this mythic terrain.

Artists in this show

Andre Wagner

Treptower Park, 2005

Torchlight, 2006

To Play with Fire, 2006

Anna Collette

Untitled (dark landscape #3), 2008

Juan Garcia-Nunez

The River Group 1, 2011

Lependorf + Shire

Horizon Fields LXV, 2011

Lori Van Houten

Cooper Street 2, 2010

Cooper Street 6, 2010

Cooper Street 7, 2010

Cooper Street 8, 2010

Cooper Street 3, 2010

Cooper Street 5, 2010

Cooper Street 9, 2010

Michael Marston

Fagridalur 1

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