Snow White

Opening Reception: Saturday, December 18 6-8pm

December 16, 2010 through January 16, 2011

Carrie Haddad Photographs is pleased to present Snow White, a group exhibit featuring work by ten photographers centered on the subjects of snow, ice, winter scenes - both real and fantastical - and other views encompassing varying shades of white.
Exhibiting photographers include Valerie Hammond,  Ida Weygandt, Michael Sibilia, Kahn & Selesnick, John Griebsch, Jefferson Hayman, Karen Cunningham, Lisa Frank, Holly Northrop and Lependorf & Shire.

Valerie Hammond’s recent photographs incorporate themes from well-known fairytales. Hammond says, “I see myself as a raconteur telling stories filtered through the lens of fairytales and daily life…using fairytales to come to terms with the dilemmas of one’s inner life and day-to-day musings.” Karen Cunningham’s photographs of the imposing glaciers of Patagonia, a land regarded as a mystic environment itself, are full of myths and legends. Kahn & Selesnick are known for their visual presentations of narrative, their creation of photo novellas. Included in the exhibit we see two vintage scenes from their 1998 series, The Circular River: We Visit A Mountain Top Shrine Built To Honor A Famous Buryat Lama, and Balag Dancing. John Griebsch shows a palette of white with his ariel images of graphically patterned roads and orchards. Lisa Frank makes large scale photographs that depict complex designs and patterns of nature; they are densely ornamental in the tradition of wallpaper. With her Holga camera, Holly Northrop captures a rural landscape revealed through snow. Ida Weygandt’s Snow Angel is both a landscape and a self-portrait. Jefferson Hayman’s photographs include a single tree embraced with snow and miniature prints of a white rosebud, a coffee mug and eyeglasses displayed in handmade vintage frames. Michael Sibilia visited Alaska for 10 days and returned with a portfolio of images titled with date, time and temperature: 1-4-09 1:00pm -32f, 2009. Lependorf & Shire exhibit two images from their series, Shirokuro, which developed from an appreciation of elegant and serene Japanese sumi-e paintings.

An opening reception for the artists will be held on Saturday, December 18 from 6 – 8pm. All are invited to attend.

Artists in this show

Kahn & Selesnick

We Visit A Mountain Top Shrine Built To Honor A Famous Buryat Lama (Blue), 1998




Ida Weygandt

Snow Angel

Karen Cunningham

Glacier 1, 2010

Glacier 2

Glacier 4, 2010

Glacier 9

Lisa Frank

Creekbed in Winter, 2009

Leaf Damask, 2009

Icicle Damask, 2010

Jefferson Hayman

Tree, Central Park

Frozen Pond, Central Park

First Snowfall

John Griebsch

Poplar Corner - Near Sodus, New York, USA, 2005

Snowmobile Tracks No. 3, Sodus Bay, NY

Textural Orchard No. 2 - Sodus, NY, USA, 2008

Lependorf + Shire

Shirokuro-II, 2006

Shirokuro XV, 2009

Michael Sibilia

1-4-09 1:00 pm -32f, 2009

Valerie Hammond

Belle 2, 2011

Belle 3, 2011

Belle 4, 2011

Belle 5, 2011

Belle 7, 2011

Belle 1, 2011

Princess 1, 2011

Princess 2, 2011

Wing 1, 2011

Wing 2, 2011

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