Huê Thi Hoffmaster

Artist Statement:

My name is Huê Thi Hoffmaster (hWay), 39 years. Currently Residing in Hudson, New York. I both jokingly and earnestly hope to receive patience and faith in me as I test the limits of my ignorance, pursue what may very well be useless, as I go in search of that mystery and intuition that may or may not exist within me.

I think I initially started enjoying painting when I was a child because of the praise I receive from it and no one else around me really cared much about it so it could be a lane of my own. I’m inspired by having the freedom to explore and play with these colors and tools and to do it in a serious way like a child inventing a story to play upon. I love creating a picture from nothing at all and seeing some sort of internal activity eventually and inevitably show itself. After painting my entire life it became the best way for me to turn the mundane into something beautiful.

Art for me is a type of freedom. In a capitalistic world, making art is pointless so it’s great to be doing something on my own, without a linear way of being. Art is communicating the nuance of our sensibilities and sensualities and there’s space for all of us to do it in our own way.

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Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts 2001 - 2005, BFA

Selected Exhibits:

Mohawk Hudson Regional 2021, Albany Center Gallery, September 2021 Albany, New York

February 2021 - Invitational Exhibit - Carrie Haddad Gallery, Hudson, NY

October 2020 - Hudson Milliner Art Salon, Group Exhibition “Jewel the Wound”
Hudson, New York

November 2019 - Saatchi’s The Other Art Fair, Juried Exhibition
Brooklyn, New York

September 2019 - 41 Main Street, Group Exhibition
Millerton, New York

August 2018 - PLACE Millerton, Solo Exhibition
Millerton, New York

May 2005 - Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts Museum, “ASE” Group
Exhibition Toppan Award for Excellence in Figure Drawing
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania