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Portrait of the artist

We caught up with the brilliant and insightful Dora Somosi a few weeks ago and have shared our conversation below.


Dora, appreciate you joining us today. Alright, so you had your idea and then what happened? Can you walk us through the story of how you went from just an idea to executing on the idea?

I was the Director of Photography at GQ for 10 years, and previously had worked as a Photo Editor and Photographer’s agent at Hearst, Vibe, CPI and Magnum Photos. I felt I had achieved my goals in the business of photography, and felt a pull to be more creative, and in touch with my original goals to express myself creatively. I have a degree in Art History, and an art studio practice that I had been faithful to since High School. The true impetus for quitting my career though was a heath issue with my daughter that made me realize that my work – life balance was not in any way harmonious. I often produced photo shoots on weekends, and late into the evenings, and was unable to detach from my phone which pinged at all hours. My devotion and belief in a photography practice grew out of hikes with my daughters, in the face of personal health difficulties; looking to nature as an appreciation of things larger than our individual selves. I began to work with the imagery of the landscape, transforming it, to express the reverence and positivity that nature offered during a difficult time. This practice has grown into a space for learning and research, with emphasis on the conservation of our natural world. I seek to translate and communicate this awe and enjoyment, to focus the lens on what is certainly shifting and may be altogether one day lost.





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